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Safety Is Our Top Priority

Eco Adventure Ziplines is built to Association for Challenge Course (ACCT) standards. ACCT standards are the universally accepted safety standards for zipline canopy tours. Safety is our top priority and our ziplines are inspected each day before tours begin. An extensive course inspection is completed each year by an independent, certified Missouri State Inspector to ensure the course is safe for participants. In addition, as our course utilizes living trees, an arborist visits our facility to check on the health of our trees.

Guest safety is our top priority. There are inherent risks present while using ziplines and we strive to provide the most enjoyable experience for everyone, so that each guest returns with an amazing story of their adventure.

Eco Adventure Ziplines Proudly Reports A 100% Safety Record

All guests receive a zipline training overview and watch a video to explain the zipline systems prior to entering the course. After learning how to zipline and watching a demonstration, guests get started on the first zipline, right outside our office. This allows for an opportunity to learn and become comfortable with the process of zipping before proceeding to the higher ziplines.

Our zipline tours are accompanied by two tour guides at all times who are trained to help facilitate guests throughout the zipline course. One guide is there to send you on the takeoff platform, and one guide is there to receive you on the landing platform.

Eco Adventure Ziplines has implemented a proprietary deceleration system, designed by our owner, Mike Seper. Mike has been in the zipline industry since 2010 and identified safety issues that he was determined to create better solutions for.  In 2012, he created a system that would go on to improve the braking process, preventing riders rom having to either grab a zipline or hit an impact brake at full speed. He is now proud to be sharing the fruits of his labor to other professional operators at zipline industry conferences.