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Eco Adventure Ziplines In The Press

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Eco Adventure Ziplines is Implementing Zip 360 Video Safety Systems for the Best Guest Experience.

-By Zoey Thompson

New Florence, MO – Summer is around the corner and families are gearing up for vacations and adventures. Eco Adventure Ziplines is getting the word out that they have made some exciting new improvements to their outdoor adventure facility, by adding a new Zip 360 Video Safety System to their zipline experience. This proprietary safety system now contains Zip 360 cameras that enable visitors to shoot 360-degree video while zipping through the park.

“We are so excited to add Zip 360 video to our experience,” says Mike Seper, Owner & Operator of Eco Adventure Ziplines and Founder of Zipline Innovations. “Our guests love our zipline experience, but we realize that not all of their friends want to go zooming through the air a couple hundred feet off the ground. Being able to film the experience not only allows our visitors to relive it, but it lets them share that adventure with their friends and family who weren’t able to join us.”

Eco Adventure Ziplines is considered by many to be the best zipline adventure in the Midwest. The company boasts over a mile of ziplines that race adventurers across their course at a height of 250 feet. Zip 360 safety systems help keep the industry safe through 360-degree safety monitoring and also provide people with the option of bringing their friends and family along for the adventure virtually. Seper is not only utilizing the camera-based safety system at his own park but is also working to bring this technology to other zipline courses around the world.

“This is one of those occasions where both of my businesses combine to help achieve the goal of customer safety and satisfaction,” says Seper. “Our new Zip 360 equipment allows you to take everyone for a ride in virtual reality! How awesome is that? You can relive the vacation experience anytime you want and your friends get to live it with you, even though they aren’t there. We’re working to share this concept with other parks and we encourage everyone to share their interest in Zip 360 safety systems with other zipline facilities to help others better understand the safety technology we are pioneering.”

The added video feature is not the only benefit to the Zip 360 Video Safety System. Eco Adventure Ziplines’ Patent Pending Zip Safe 360 Video Safety Systems also utilizes a proprietary deceleration system so that their guests never have to grab the zipline to slow down. For Seper, a zipline enthusiast himself, it’s all a part of giving guests the experience of a lifetime and that is why Eco Adventure Ziplines is rated Five Stars on every review site. Experience the most amazing ziplines in Missouri at Eco Adventure Ziplines and capture it with Zip 360!

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